30 day training club (SCAM WARNING!!!)

Hey guys and welcome to 30 days training club review!!.

If you are reading this then you have probably already heard about the 30 days training club and are perhaps wondering it its for real or you are just wasting your time and if that’s the case then well done because today I will be telling you how this might be a scam.

Let’s start off with the basic information. The product is nothing more than an affiliate site including ‘special offers’ to click bank products, which you need to drive traffic to.

In terms of earning an income, it is very unlikely to earn any real money as the website you will receive will be mediocre. And it also appears the training given is very low quality that will be no good in making real money.

30 days training club hires people to talk good about their “business”. The website is filled with fake testimonials. Not only that, but none of the ‘members’ of this marketing showed any proof of their success, it was just all talks.

The fact that I hated the most was that the site claims for the product to be free again and again, yet you need to pay up to $37 to cover the costs of your website. I just gets very irritated at how many times I saw “just a one time fee” or “FREE”.

Like I mentioned before your site will be filled with click bank links and thumbnails.

Not only are there varying price plans, you for sure will also find that all the income claims are very misleading. You’ll have very low conversion rates and sales.

Not only that, but your ‘free’ success club will be lacking some very important pages such as About me, Affiliate Disclosure, Privacy Policy, etc. These pages are the key points to start a site.

Similar to other SCAM products the owner of this product has hidden their face, and have hired someone to read the script and basically do a voice over. This is one of the many signs that the program you are looking for is not reliable enough.

The only people who are actually going to make money with this joke of a program are the owners of this “Business”. I am not an affiliate for this product and will not encourage anyone to follow this “30 day club success Business”.

Despite the interference of online scams, there’s still some hope for affiliate marketing and is very possible to earn money from it And in all, Affiliate marketing is a business that requires hard work and determination.

If that is something you believe you can do, then I would encourage you to take a look at Wealthy Affiliate for free, and I am sure you all will soon discover why it’s my #1 recommended training platforms.

In the end, I would like to thank you guys for investing your time into reading this review but I can promise that this will only benefit you. And I would like to say that stay away from 30 day success clubs as much as you can.

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