Amazon Cash Websites = SCAM ???

Amazon cash websites claims to be an amazing new way to make money online by taking a huge advantage of Amazon. That is for sure not the case.

The real truth is that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of the websites that you have found, and they are all promoting different kinds of scams.

Honestly, the rule of thumb that you should use for this Amazon Cash Websites is to simply not trust anything they say. These websites are created to simply look like an ordinary news article that you might run across on Facebook or something.

It even goes as far as using locations tracking to make is seem like it is a specific job opportunity in your area. They use fake testimonials, in my case “Paul Miller” to make it seem like actual people are making money with the system.

The most dangerous thing about Amazon Cash Websites is that it honestly seems legit if you don’t take the time to fully examine it or to actually know what they are hiding.

It uses a familiar article layout, and talks about familiar things like Amazon and it’s CEO Jeff Bezos.

They even talk about actual ways to make money online, they just sneak in a bunch of lies to make it more appealing. Which works for them but it wastes our time.

Scammers will hype up their product, often promising large amounts of money for little to no effort. They make sure to be as vague as possible about their product, instead choosing to focus on the AMAZING boatloads of money you’ll be earning within a matter of days.

And if you look at Amazon Cash Websites page, you can see evidence of that hype.

We can see big numbers and unrealistically high earnings. It’s common to see these “financial statements” when dealing a scam program, since they are supposed to make their product seem more credible. But these statements can be, and usually are, easily faked.

From my experience I would ask you to avoid Amazon Cash Websites but instead I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate which will actually give you value. And I PROMISE you that.

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