Amazon Cash Websites = SCAM ???

Amazon cash websites claims to be an amazing new way to make money online by taking a huge advantage of Amazon. That is for sure not the case.

The real truth is that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of the websites that you have found, and they are all promoting different kinds of scams.

Honestly, the rule of thumb that you should use for this Amazon Cash Websites is to simply not trust anything they say. These websites are created to simply look like an ordinary news article that you might run across on Facebook or something.

It even goes as far as using locations tracking to make is seem like it is a specific job opportunity in your area. They use fake testimonials, in my case “Paul Miller” to make it seem like actual people are making money with the system.

The most dangerous thing about Amazon Cash Websites is that it honestly seems legit if you don’t take the time to fully examine it or to actually know what they are hiding.

It uses a familiar article layout, and talks about familiar things like Amazon and it’s CEO Jeff Bezos.

They even talk about actual ways to make money online, they just sneak in a bunch of lies to make it more appealing. Which works for them but it wastes our time.

Scammers will hype up their product, often promising large amounts of money for little to no effort. They make sure to be as vague as possible about their product, instead choosing to focus on the AMAZING boatloads of money you’ll be earning within a matter of days.

And if you look at Amazon Cash Websites page, you can see evidence of that hype.

We can see big numbers and unrealistically high earnings. It’s common to see these “financial statements” when dealing a scam program, since they are supposed to make their product seem more credible. But these statements can be, and usually are, easily faked.

From my experience I would ask you to avoid Amazon Cash Websites but instead I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate which will actually give you value. And I PROMISE you that.

IS 4 Percent group a scam TOO??

Vick Strizeheus, the man behind the production of the 4 percent group. You may recognize him only if you’ve come across one of his other products known as Big Idea Mastermind.

Just like Big idea Mastermind, the 4 percent group is a marketing funnel which supposedly help a person who has no idea of how to make money online to make thousands of dollars online within days or weeks by promoting high quality products.

Sounds like a great deal RIGHT? but no it’s just another trap.

What I don’t like about the 4 percent group is that it doesn’t really teach you to create a real foundation which is the website. But you are taught to create sales pages where you promote affiliate products.

4 percent group is a course of promoting six programs which are the following:

1. Tacademics

2. Aweber

3. Click Magick

4. ClickFunnels

5. Name Funnels.

Now you may have a general question that is 4 percent group a scam or not?.

I know that a lot of people be calling it a scam, to be honest, I can’t call it a total scam, however, I wouldn’t recommend it because I have seen people complaining already.

Some complain they lost thousands of dollars online without earning a dime.

I have a very hard time trusting the 4 percent group and here are some reasons:

1. No Foundation.

2. The testimonials look fake & are too good to be true.

3. So expensive.

4. 7 steps to result is full of talk & Fluff

5. Dissatisfied Members.

The Four Percent Group is very expensive and under delivers, I really don’t recommend people investing time in this because doesn’t teach you how to start a real business.

I believe that there are way better programs where you can actually learn how to start a real business.

I recommend using wealthy affiliate. You can try Wealthy Affiliate for free. If you try to upgrade then it will cost you $19 then $49/month. There are no up sells or hidden costs and I promise you will get a value.

30 day training club (SCAM WARNING!!!)

Hey guys and welcome to 30 days training club review!!.

If you are reading this then you have probably already heard about the 30 days training club and are perhaps wondering it its for real or you are just wasting your time and if that’s the case then well done because today I will be telling you how this might be a scam.

Let’s start off with the basic information. The product is nothing more than an affiliate site including ‘special offers’ to click bank products, which you need to drive traffic to.

In terms of earning an income, it is very unlikely to earn any real money as the website you will receive will be mediocre. And it also appears the training given is very low quality that will be no good in making real money.

30 days training club hires people to talk good about their “business”. The website is filled with fake testimonials. Not only that, but none of the ‘members’ of this marketing showed any proof of their success, it was just all talks.

The fact that I hated the most was that the site claims for the product to be free again and again, yet you need to pay up to $37 to cover the costs of your website. I just gets very irritated at how many times I saw “just a one time fee” or “FREE”.

Like I mentioned before your site will be filled with click bank links and thumbnails.

Not only are there varying price plans, you for sure will also find that all the income claims are very misleading. You’ll have very low conversion rates and sales.

Not only that, but your ‘free’ success club will be lacking some very important pages such as About me, Affiliate Disclosure, Privacy Policy, etc. These pages are the key points to start a site.

Similar to other SCAM products the owner of this product has hidden their face, and have hired someone to read the script and basically do a voice over. This is one of the many signs that the program you are looking for is not reliable enough.

The only people who are actually going to make money with this joke of a program are the owners of this “Business”. I am not an affiliate for this product and will not encourage anyone to follow this “30 day club success Business”.

Despite the interference of online scams, there’s still some hope for affiliate marketing and is very possible to earn money from it And in all, Affiliate marketing is a business that requires hard work and determination.

If that is something you believe you can do, then I would encourage you to take a look at Wealthy Affiliate for free, and I am sure you all will soon discover why it’s my #1 recommended training platforms.

In the end, I would like to thank you guys for investing your time into reading this review but I can promise that this will only benefit you. And I would like to say that stay away from 30 day success clubs as much as you can.

Inbox dollar Review

InboxDollars is an online business that provides payments to users for receiving and responding to email adverts, surveys, games and other features. The tagline of the website is ‘the online rewards club that pays!’ The online business was founded by internet entrepreneur Darren Cotter in 2000, and they have been featured in the Inc. 5000 list.

According to the company’s own website, it has millions of active members using the website. Since 2006, it has paid over $25 million to members and counting through its subsidiary SendEarnings (launched in 2005). Profits and expansion have occurred in every year since inception with the company branching out to the UK with its InboxPounds service in 2012. Today it has over 30 employees.

After InboxDollars acquired SendEarnings in 2005, a new holding company – CotterWeb Enterprises Inc – has since owned and operated both entities. InboxDollars also acquired DailyRewards, a Canadian company, in 2014. The company has a number of corporate associations with large companies like eBay,, Netflix, Target, H&R Block, Walmart and PCH (Publishers Clearing House).

Now let me tell you about some key features of inbox dollar. For reading and responding to each email advert, you get a set amount – anywhere from 1-10 cents per email. Another important method of payment is from signing up on commercial offers. Apart from emails, InboxDollars also pays you for filling up surveys (mainly through Toluna), playing games (through member sites like Winster), searching the web and shopping online. The initial redemption is a steep $30. Certain ads and affiliate companies will pay more than the low fixed rate depending on the offers involved. The website also runs an affiliate program through CotterWeb for promotion. Commissions are paid for new user registrations

Some features of InboxDollars are quite unique and not found on other paid-survey websites. Apart from the usual payment or survey taking, the website also enables members to read emails, sign up for corporate offers, watch videos, play games and generally surf the web in order to earn income. These methods are certainly less tiresome, monotonous and refreshing compared to just filling up random surveys all day. Some users (chiefly “premium” members) have mentioned how they received money from InboxDollars on referrals from offers. Additionally, some members have also stated how they earned a proportion of money from InboxDollars “qualified surveys” and other features.

A lot of people wonder if Inbox Dollars will really pay before they take them time to register. And I don’t blame them — it’s a good idea to research stuff like this before you sign up for anything, after all. I have been a member of Inbox Dollars for a few years now, and even though I don’t use this site daily, I’ve managed to earn a little extra money for doing super easy stuff online!

But to answer the question, yes, this site pays and they have been for a very long time. There’s a good reason why they are one of the most popular GPT sites on the internet right now.

But as you know that every site have benefits and negatives of joining. Allow me to introduce to those benefits and negatives.

So the benefits are That they pay in CASH — no redeemable points. You can see your money add up in dollars and in cents. Tons of ways to earn money. You can log in on any given day and rack up some pretty easy money when you’re bored online. They start you out with $5 just for signing up. You get paid with a gift card, virtual or physical Visa prepaid card or you can choose to have a check mailed to you. You can get paid every week once you reach Gold level. Inbox Dollars is open worldwide. No limit on the referrals you can have!

The negatives are that the cash out threshold for InboxDollars is on the high-side at $30. However, some people can reach this within a month or less depending on how often they use the site and how many friends they can refer. Some offers require a credit card to complete. But honestly this is not any different from any other GPT site, including Swagbucks, and you don’t HAVE to do them. There are also plenty of free offers, so I would suggest just sticking with those. Your money will still build up quickly if you do them often. You won’t qualify for all the surveys you attempt. This is a huge pain — but again it’s typical with these kinds of sites and also most survey sites.

Just some quick tips on the offers … if you want to build up money fast on Inboxdollars, the offers are a good way to do that. You don’t have to do the ones that require a credit card. Just do the free ones that don’t cost you anything. I would recommend signing up for Inboxdollars with an alternate email that you only use occasionally. You’ll get lots of emails from the offers and things you fill out, so just make another email account at Yahoo! or G mail (you can have more than one at these sites) and use it for filling out offers.

Are you ready to sign up?

If you are already using GPT sites for extra cash, Inbox Dollars would be a good choice to add to the list of sites you use.

Go here to get started.

I know that this is the best site for you guys as Clauemi says, “I think Inboxdollars was one of the very first if not the first site I signed up for trying to make extra money. Can’t believe it’s been almost 10 years but I still use it. I at least click on the paid emails they send and log in every once in a while to check for new offers. It’s nice to get a check for 30 something dollars every once in a while”.

Also, as Anna says,”It’s not a scam. I know many, many people who have been paid. Did you reach the required $30 in your account to request cash out? They won’t pay you anything, even the $5 they give for signing up, until you’ve reached the minimum amount to request a payment. Once you get to $30, you can request your payment and from what I understand they do send it”.

I wold really recommend inbox dollar to anyone who wanna make money online without doing anything hard.Go here to get started.

Wealthy Affiliate is Totally Legit!

Access My No.1 Recommendation For Making Money Online!

Affiliate Disclaimer: I hope you enjoyed our Inbox Dollars review. Please note that some of the links inside this article may be affiliate links for Inbox Dollars. That means that if you click on one of the links and sign up, we may get an affiliate commission for it. If you do happen to click, we really appreciate it! Any money we make keeps this site running smoothly and allows us to keep producing these high-quality reviews.

Cybersecurity threats

Cybersecurity threats aren’t just technical, but societal and political too. Here are the top threats to business in 2019, according to AlienVault. Over the past few years, we have seen cyberattacks occurring with increased frequency, complexity, and against bigger targets. The threats that we face from hackers, viruses, malware, and data breaches are not going away—they’re evolving, and there’s far more to come as we approach 2019.

As cybersecurity professionals and companies all around the world prepare for another year of security breaches and stolen data, it is important that you make yourself aware of the latest security threats so that you can protect yourself.

Here are the five biggest cybersecurity threats to be aware of in the coming year ahead.


Ransomware has, by far, been the key threat to cybersecurity for the last couple of years. It is going to be just as much, if not more, of a problem for years to come, and is showing no signs of slowing down.

But why is it so popular among cybercriminals?

To put it simply, ransomware has the potential of delivering huge returns—we are talking thousands upon thousands of dollars—when successful. Given that its execution requires very little effort in terms of work, it is a firm favorite among cybercriminals.

Ransomware works by taking control of a computer or network of computers and inhibiting their use (unless a ransom is paid) by completely locking the end-user out. By doing this, cyber attackers can extort eye-watering sums of money from their victims with ease.

What’s more, the widespread adoption and use of cryptocurrency and Internet of Things (IoT) devices have made ransomware even more popular. The anonymity associated with cryptocurrency and the fact that transactions cannot be traced, mean that there are more devices that can be hijacked.

Phishing Attacks

Another cybersecurity nightmare which has been around since the dawn of the internet is phishing attacks. It is a simple form of attack which is designed to steal personal information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details. Stats compiled by Barkly reveal that 2017 saw phishing attacks on domestic and business users increase, and there’s every reason to expect this pattern to continue.

Often, phishing attacks appear to come from trusted sources such as your banking provider or a website you regularly use. Once you reply to a phishing email or follow its instructions, the information is sent straight to its malicious source. They can then use this information to make purchases among other things.

Most people who use the internet will come across an attempted phishing attack at least once—after all, they commonly come in the form of spam emails—so it is only vigilance and caution which can prevent you from falling victim to one. Common sense is often enough.


Using a complicated and powerful network of compromised machines, Botnets are remotely controlled by cyber attackers. They execute large-scale attacks which, in extreme cases, can involve millions of unwilling computers and systems.

Hackers use botnet attacks to carry out distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, perform brute force attacks, send spam, and steal personal information and sensitive data. DDoS attacks can happen at any time, although research from Kaspersky reveals the period around Black Friday is particularly attractive for hackers.

Botnets are increasingly being used by cyber attackers due to the sheer power that they afford. Also, because more and more people are using internet-enabled systems each day, there are more devices that can be compromised and controlled.

Your best defense against botnets is to ensure that your machine does not become compromised by viruses and worms. It is usually the case that people are unaware that their machine has been infected until it is too late. As such,  performing regular scans with robust and up-to-date antivirus software is a must.

It only takes one malicious email or download to infect your machine.

Computer Viruses and Worms

Although they have been around since the birth of the internet and may even pre-date you, you should not underestimate the destructive power of simple computer viruses and worms. They are becoming ever-more problematic, often deployed in files such as spreadsheets and documents, lying dormant until activated.

Files which are infected with viruses infect the machine when opened. Worms, on the other hand, spread throughout your machine and begin replicating so that they can infect all your files. As the basic foundations upon which more advanced cybersecurity threats are built, viruses and worms are serious problems.

Because of the way we use computers and our reasons for doing so, viruses and worms are becoming more dangerous. Often, they seek to steal personal and financial information for identity theft and financial fraud. Again, by using updated and robust antivirus solutions, you can keep yourself protected.

Cryptocurrency Hijacking

If you have found yourself caught in the current cryptocurrency hype and have decided to invest in some, cryptocurrency hijacking—more commonly known as “cryptojacking”—is something which you need to know about.
You are more likely to be targeted by cyber attackers by demonstrating an interest in cryptocurrency. However, anybody can be a victim of cryptojacking—you need not dabble in it to be a target. Cryptojacking works by infecting a victim’s computer with a virus which utilizes hardware resources such as processors to mine for cryptocurrency. Not only does this massively slow down and impact the overall performance of the victim’s computer, but it also provides the attacker with a passive financial benefit. In fact, in 2018 it transpired that cryptocurrency-related crime is now more lucrative than ransomware. This looks set to increase in 2019.

This is just the start of your brilliant journey into the online business world and through time, you are going to become an authority in this space. I feel it!

Starter Membership, $0 (Join Here)
Premium Membership, $49 per month / $359 per year (Join Here)

How to avoid scams/frauds online?

Hey guys I hope you are doing fantastic. Today I will be telling you how you can avoid scams/frauds online. Firstly spot impostors, Scammers often pretend to be someone you trust, like a government official, a family member or a charity team and sometimes a company you do business with. Never ever send money or personal info in response to an unexpected request whether it comes through a text, phone call, or an email.

Secondly, do some online research, like type a company or the product name in your browser with words like “review”, “complaint”, or “scam”. And you will get all the info you need in order to trust or avoid the person.

Thirdly, don’t believe your caller ID, technology nowadays makes it easier for any ordinary man to fake caller ID info, so the number or name you see are not always correct. IF you think that the caller might be telling the truth call back to number you know is genuine.

Fourthly, don’t pay in front for a promise, someone might ask you o pay in advance for things like debt relief, credit and loan offers, mortgage assistance, or a job. Sometimes they might even say that you’ve won a prize but firstly you have to pay texas or fees. If you do what they say, they will just take the money and disappear.

Fifthly, consider how you pay, credit cards have significant fraud protection built in but some payment methods don’t. Writing money, through services like Westeren Union or MoneyGram is risky because it’s nearly impossible to get your money back. The greatest example is gift cards( like i tunes or google play). Gift cards are the most common way for scammers. Government offices and honest companies won’t require you to use these payment methods.

Sixth, talk to someone trustworthy, before giving your money or personal info, talk to someone you trust. Con artists want you to make decisions in hurry. They might even threaten you. Slow down, check out the story, do an online search, or just tell a friend. As simple as that seems that is very helpful in such situations.

Seventh, hang up on robocalls, If you answer the hone and hear a recorded sales pitch, hang up and report it to the FTC (federal trade commission). These calls are illegal, and often the products are bogus. Simple tip, never press 1 to speak to a person or to be taken off the list. This could lead to more calls.

Eight, be skeptical about free trail offers, some companies use free trails to sign you up for products and bill you every month until you cancel. Before you agree to a free trail search up the company and the cancellation policy. And always review your monthly statements for charges you don’t recognize.

Ninth, don’t deposit a check and wire money back, by law banks must make funds from deposited checks available within days, but uncovering a fake check might take few weeks. If a check you deposit turns out to be fake, you are responsible for paying the bank.

Lastly, sign up for a free scam alerts from the FTC at,get the right and latest tips and advice about scams right to your inbox.

I just want you to avoid all the scams/frauds online. I think I have put up enough ways that you can avoid scams online. 



My name is Muhammmad Imran Asghar. I completed my MSCS computer science in 2005. Currently I am a famers insurance agent in california (sacramento). I have acoplished great respect throughout my life. I was a ver successful bussiness back in Pakistan.

I was awarded an award of Excellence in 2014,2015, and 2016. After 3 years of brilliant progress in my work I moved to U.S.A. I am a creative thinker and a great responsible man in general. I take pride in completing a task that I am assigned to.I have been involved in scamming cases a couple of times in which someone scammed me. I was clever enough to get out of it.

This website of how to avoid scams may help you recognize who to trust and who to stay away from. Since, the time I was scammed I decided to create this website to help people. I am a socially active person and after looking at so many scamming stories online I thought to create this website now. I am willing to invest my time and effort in this website to help people and to inform the scammers that we are doing something against them.

Even though this website might not change the whole world and this website might not bring an altimate end towards this topic but I am doing my part.

I knew others were making money in the online world and I wanted oh so bad to figure out how they were doing it.I mean seriously, what could someone do that I couldn’t.  I am a hard worker and I see people all over the world and in magazines that have the same story as me.

I work hard, but I have a life that I control, I enjoy, and that I get to spend the way I want.    In my spare time you will find me:

(1) Travelling (whenever I can!)

(2) Spending time with my family.

(3) Playing sports, primarily basketball.  I am a huge Steve Nash fan.

(4) Exercising.

(5) Thumbing around my iPad reading the latest technology gossip.

That is my life.  Simple, but at the same time exciting.  I work from home each and every day and the entire goal of my site here is to help you do the same (and to avoid the truck loads of scams).

I hope you all are with me and you all will support me.


If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Muhammad Imran Asghar