IS 4 Percent group a scam TOO??

Vick Strizeheus, the man behind the production of the 4 percent group. You may recognize him only if you’ve come across one of his other products known as Big Idea Mastermind.

Just like Big idea Mastermind, the 4 percent group is a marketing funnel which supposedly help a person who has no idea of how to make money online to make thousands of dollars online within days or weeks by promoting high quality products.

Sounds like a great deal RIGHT? but no it’s just another trap.

What I don’t like about the 4 percent group is that it doesn’t really teach you to create a real foundation which is the website. But you are taught to create sales pages where you promote affiliate products.

4 percent group is a course of promoting six programs which are the following:

1. Tacademics

2. Aweber

3. Click Magick

4. ClickFunnels

5. Name Funnels.

Now you may have a general question that is 4 percent group a scam or not?.

I know that a lot of people be calling it a scam, to be honest, I can’t call it a total scam, however, I wouldn’t recommend it because I have seen people complaining already.

Some complain they lost thousands of dollars online without earning a dime.

I have a very hard time trusting the 4 percent group and here are some reasons:

1. No Foundation.

2. The testimonials look fake & are too good to be true.

3. So expensive.

4. 7 steps to result is full of talk & Fluff

5. Dissatisfied Members.

The Four Percent Group is very expensive and under delivers, I really don’t recommend people investing time in this because doesn’t teach you how to start a real business.

I believe that there are way better programs where you can actually learn how to start a real business.

I recommend using wealthy affiliate. You can try Wealthy Affiliate for free. If you try to upgrade then it will cost you $19 then $49/month. There are no up sells or hidden costs and I promise you will get a value.

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